Where indifference ends, life begins

On a daily basis shocking news from around the world can leave us numb. Famines, human trafficking and war are part of our world. Where do we start – when so much violence, suffering, and injustice exists? And can our help, which may feel like just a drop in the ocean, actually have any impact?

Vision Hope International does not want to look the other way but instead take responsibility. We help people in areas of crisis improve their living conditions in a self-sufficient and sustainable way through intercultural competence.

Likewise we encourage them to spread hope so that more and more people can live their lives with dignity. A drop in the ocean alone cannot save the world, but many drops can make a difference. We work to ensure that babies are fed, people treat each other respectfully and long-term perspectives are established. You too can choose this road.

Hope Kindergarten

Signs of hope for Syrian refugee children in Mafraq, Jordan

Through Vision Hope's Hope Kindergarten and special education for older siblings in the students' families, Syrian refugee children in Jordan process the trauma they have experienced through play and art therapy. These children delight in the chance to be children again, and are learning how to cope with their fears and grief. Please support this project with your donation!


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