Matthias Leibbrand

Where indifference ends, life begins!

A statement from Matthias Leibbrand, CEO of Vision Hope International


Dear visitor, dear supporter, dear friend,


I am pleased to welcome you to our website. It was created to show you who we are, where we work, who we want to reach and to what values and principles we are committed.


For me, Vision Hope grew from my eagerness to contribute to change, to a small association funded mainly through friends and finally led to an established organisation, which is drawn on generous private donations as well as institutional funding. The whole journey started with my work in Yemen: I experienced hospitality and generosity despite the people’s struggles during hard times, conflicts and their personal challenges. Therefore, Vision Hope’s mission is to work together with those local communities to create sustainable solutions. Since 2002, we have been doing our best to offer emergency relief and long-term, holistic development assistance in conflict-ridden areas of the Middle East.


It is the unknown, it is the uncertain, it is the desire to make a sustainable change, which will sustain our eagerness to carry on. We are striving towards our vision and strongly believe that empowered people transform the world. Our aim is it to deliver hope in despaired areas through enabling dignity and building capacity of local communities. I truly believe that we are able to alleviate suffering and I am proud to be part of the movement towards a better future and life in dignity for everyone.


Whether you are looking for engagement in this global community, offering relief to the most vulnerable in our project countries in the Near and Middle East, or you are looking for an opportunity to learn and widen your horizon, we are welcoming your aspiration, talents and motivation. I am looking forward for your contact, your ideas and your support – we gain our energy from the activeness and commitments of our volunteers, staff and support as the cornerstone of our organisation.


Seeing the suffering and great needs all over the world, we cannot stop yet – our work has only begun; there is so much more to strive after. As a CEO of a humanitarian organisation, I am looking forward to roll up the sleeves, to never give up hope and to continue with the achievements and in particular to the joy we receive through our projects.


I would personally like to thank you for your support, trust and belief in Vision Hope. We truly appreciate your engagement and dedication that has helped us to contribute to the relief of suffering in the Middle East for almost fifteen years now.



Matthias Leibbrand