Our Team

A small team of employees, supported by volunteers.

We ensure that Vision Hope really reach those who are most in need. With the help of local employees we carry out humanitarian projects for several million Euros every year. Volunteers support us in communicatoin and fundraising and we can always use more support. If you wish to get involved with Vision Hope, just click here.


Matthias Leibbrand
CEO (Honorary position)  

Founder of Vision Hope International


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
General management
Strategic development of the organisation
Quality control
Public Relations

My Motivation:

“I have been engaged in the Arab world since 1996. Since 2002 I have implemented many poverty reduction projects with Vision Hope in Yemen and I have become very fond of the Yemeni people. I feel great joy and deep gratitude that our work has grown in the last years to countries in the region, currently Jordan, Syria and Tunisia. To experience the thankfulness of the people and to bring hope to desperate situations is a privilege.”


International Consultant for development cooperation in Amman, Jordan.

Waltraud Müßle
Accountant Germany  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Donor relationships
Human resources

My Motivation:

“I work for VHI because I can help to make a difference in the life of people in Yemen, Syria, Jordan and Tunisia.”


Accountant, housewife and banker.


Fredrik Barkenhammar
Public Relations, Germany  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Public Relations

My Motivation:

“I love people. In the countries where Vision Hope works we encounter so many stories, so many lives and so many strong people. My job is to tell these stories and it is a great privilege for me.”


Journalist with specialization on Humanitarian Aid.

Maite v. Waldenfels
Public Relations, Germany  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Press releases

My Motivation:

“For many years now, I’ve been wanting to help people that are suffering from poverty, displacement and war. During my studies, I went to Kenya for 5 months, working in NGOs supporting kids in slum areas and poor rural areas, so that they could have a meal and go to school. I don’t see why so many people in the world can’t have the same privileges that I have: security, enough food, education and the freedom to choose what to do. I want to help change that.”


M.A. Sociology.

Fabian Quist
Webmaster (Honorary position)  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Development and maintenance of the website

My Motivation:

“The conflicts and crises in Yemen, Syria and all other countries that have been ravaged by violence and humanitarian disasters are my motivation to volunteer for Vision Hope. Through VHI I am part of an organization that brings hope where otherwise desperation threatens to take over. Hopeful people are changing the world – I would like to contribute to this.”


Academic Background on Ethnology and Empirical Cultural Studies in Tuebingen, Germany.

Francisco Gonzaga Santos
Visual Art Editor  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Social Media
Visual Communication
Website Improvement

My Motivation:

“When I volunteered to help VHI achieving more online visibility I was both far from knowing where it would take me, as I was certain of a few things: that I am happier when my efforts, skills and energies are used to help people in extreme situations of poverty, famine, war and disease; that this is what I was looking to for so many years – to ally communication and humanitarian work; that I would meet people, as passionate as me towards the global challenges humanity faces today; that in a group of great people one can achieve more than while working detached.”


Communication Officer, Journalist, Photographer, Graphics and Motion-Graphics Designer.


Julia Kettner
Project Coordinator Germany  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Education and project-work in German schools and in the informal educational environment

My Motivation:

“Teenagers have the potential to change the world. My aim is to support kids and youth, to become courageous ambassadors of peace, whose hopeful voice will be heard.”


Social Worker.


Yasser Motee
Country Representative Yemen  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Representing Vision Hope International in Yemen
conceptual and strategic management
Project Controlling

My Motivation:

“Vision Hope International works in development and humanitarian assistance. I have already worked in this field. Helping poor people and helping to spread hope is a great job.”


Work on development and humanitarian aid in Yemen.


Katharina Ahrens
Country Representative Jordan  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Representing Vision Hope International in Jordan
Further development of the organization in Jordan and Syria
Advising the planning and implementation of health-related projects

My Motivation:

“Vision Hope gives me the chance to be part of an exciting journey that is characterised by the striving for sustainable projects, localisation and meeting the needs of people in the most severe humanitarian crises – and on that journey, I receive the opportunity to take responsibility and bring in my own ideas, thoughts and knowledge.”


Academic and practical background on Business Administration with specialisation on Health Care Management and International Humanitarian Aid.

Mareike Schulte
Educational Consultant Jordan  


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Consultant for Educational and Psychosocial Support in Hope Family Centers Development of project components with local partners

My Motivation:

“I love to invest my time, knowledge and efforts at places where services and help is needed but not as easy accessible as in Germany. With Vision Hope I can be part of an encouragement movement through practical help and empowerment.”


B.A. Inclusive Education, M.A. Clinical Pedagogy and Therapeutic Studies.