Marcus Rose
Chairman of the Board

Born in 1972, married, three children.
Founder, consultant and mentor for non-governmental organisations in Berlin, Germany.

“I love to get to know people: their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and their motivations. I want to understand how people in hard times have adapted, and the ideas they have developed on their own, and to understand how some people are forced to cope, by violence or by shortage. But even more than getting to know people, I love it when they better get to know themselves – when for the first time in their lives they are able to see their full potential. This is an unbelievable privilege.”

Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Long term development of Vision Hope
Public Relations
Installation of a wider foundation of volunteers

Gerald Mall
Vice Chairman of the Board

Born in 1967.
Occupational therapist in Mannheim, Germany.

“I work at a facility for mental health and addiction. Every day, for the past eleven years, I deal with people suffering from illness and depression. Twice, in 2002 and 2004, I went to Yemen. It was a very intensive experience. I got to know one of the poorest countries in the world, and I was fascinated to see the dejection in the communities disappearing, because of the work of the projects and the hope they brought to the people involved.”


Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Organising campaigns and charities with friends

Silvana Höpfner

Born in 1984.
Public Administrator and Business Administrator for non-profit-organisations in Munich, Germany.

“Since my childhood, I have been interested in possibilities to support people who live in poverty and areas of conflict. Over the years, my enthusiasm for humanitarian aid has increased. For me, it’s important to support and promote people to an independent, self-determined life. Even when our work is just a drop in the ocean, it’s an investment in the future of many people, to encourage them and to enable changes. I want to be a part of it.”

Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Budget and Finances
Internal controlling
Project Accounting
Counseling for Social Law

Lars Schärer

Born in 1967, married, four children.
Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur in Freiburg, Germany.

“There is hope in this world – even for the Middle East. The projects of Vision Hope give people their hope back. Committed volunteers work together with local partners equally. The ability to live fully is regained and adapted to the culture in a sustainable way. What could be better than supporting this?”

Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Organisational Development
Quality Management
Qualification work and academic cooperations

Rainer Weber
Member of the Board

Born in 1972.
Rehabilitation Practitioner in Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany.

“Hope – Vision Hope – that’s the name of our organisation. Hope motivates us. Hope is a positive expectation of something we long for or something we wish for in the future. The opposite of hope is desperation. We can get desperate by seeing and hearing the pictures and events taking place in the world. But in the many places where Vision Hope operates, there arises hope. And where even a small glimmer of hope is increased in daily life, desperation has to leave.”

Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Public Relations
Representative for association in Baden-Württemberg
Strategic Development

Matthias Boehning
Member of the Board

Born in 1985.
Policy Advisor
DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und
Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (part of KfW Banking Group), Cologne
Department „Politics and Management Affairs“

Responsibilities for Vision Hope 
Strategic Stakeholder Management
Public Affairs
Political Communications
Quality Control
Fundraising and Donor Relations
Organizational Development