Annual Reports

Our Annual Report 2015

The year 2015 has been characterized by a rise in human suffering around the world. Humanitarian crises became even more desperate. We¬†actively responded to the needs and provided a holistic assistance from emergency relief to long-term development, especially in conflict-ridden areas. We ensured running operations despite faced struggles, violence and other challenges. In Yemen, we provided emergency food, shelter, non-food items and water filters to ten thousands of people. And we continued our Youth Empowerment Project to provide the Yemeni youth a way forward in the face of adversity. We also supported hundreds of children in Jordan with two kindergartens for Syrian refugee children. In Turkey, a school for Syrian refugees was supported. In this way, we do not only provide education, but also the much needed psychological support for trauma. Our projects provide a place for children, youth and adults to meet and develop skills and work together for a better future. Moved by a Syrian refugee’s positive attitude towards life, inspite of his struggle with a disability, we funded his surgery so that he can now be more active and is able to engage in society. We believe that a desire to help others in the bleakest of times spreads love and humanity in ways that are intangible, yet more powerful.