Our Vision


Empowered people transform the world.

Our Mission

Together, we work with local communities to create sustainable solutions in the world’s most difficult regions. We work where our help is needed and where assistance is appropriate.



We are passionate about people.

Providing people with motivation and a new perspective for the future greatly enriches us. The results and appreciation we achieve grace us with deep joy and satisfaction. We empower vulnerable members of society, motivate young people to pursue their dreams, strengthen women in reaching equality, and help people make positive changes in their communities. Our focus is on conflict-ridden areas in the Middle East, as the need there is so great.

We treat all people the same regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender or social status. Through our intercultural competence and experience, we demonstrate respect and understanding for an individual’s situation, ensuring that our assistance is effective. At the same time, we engage in inspiring more and more people to stand against injustice and campaign for all those who cannot help themselves.

While we serve people in need, we receive great help from people who aspire to change the world for the better. Driven by their dedication, we continuously strive for new projects, new goals and new hope. That is our highest motivation, our commitment and our dedication. 

Core Values


Genuine help is more than mere material assistance. We believe that long-term sustainable development is possible only in an environment conducive to positive human relationships that are based on respect, acceptance and reconciliation.


Where human beings suffer and despair, we cannot remain indifferent. We fiercely fight misery with our dedication and passion, celebrating every change for the better.


We regard every human being as unique with his or her own inviolable dignity. That is why we strive to encourage and empower everyone with the hope for a dignified life.


Authenticity and transparency inspire the way we work. By open communication, we build the foundation for empathy and mutual trust that create the optimal condition to resolve upcoming problems and to find new solutions together.


Despite the adversities and uncertainties, we operate in the world’s most instable territories, and we encourage others to take a stand against injustice and to support those who cannot help themselves.