Lacking hope, perspective and future for the young people
in Tunisia.

Tunisia is ranking 80 out of 170 on the Youth Development Index. 

Since the Arab Spring in 2011, the situation within Tunisia changed in several aspects. For the youth, the integration towards the economic market got more difficult. The job creation is not aligned with the rising number of young, well educated people who would like to enter the employment market. Unemployment is a major social issue: the unemployment rate for highly skilled youth, between 15 and 29 years, estimates to almost 45 per cent.



Lack of access to education

Limited gender equality 

No hope for a bright future 


Youth Empowerment

Drawn from our great experience with a Youth Empowerment project in Yemen, we decided to use the same approach for the Tunisian youth. In September 2016, we launched the two year project Social and Economic Promotion located in Tunis. It is implemented with our partner Nour el Hayat and funded by the BMZ with a project volume of 200,000 Euro. Thanks to our previous experience in Yemen, we had the change to develop manuals guiding through our 16 modules. The aim of the project is to provide the youth in Tunisia with hope for a brighter future and guidance towards their career. It is not only about an economical perspective, but also to work on the social situation for the youth, while implementing activities which also serve the whole community.