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4000€ for #lifesigns for Yemen: Our charity run was a success!

Berlin, October 2022

Unsere 18 runners ran 313 incredible laps and were able to raise over 4000€ – thanks to their generous sponsors!

The run was a great event overall: the weather stayed good, the runners (the youngest were 4 years old) were motivated and many exceeded their own expectations in laps! After the strenuous run, everyone was able to recharge their energy reserves with coffee, homemade cakes, and gummy bears. At this point once again a huge

Thank you to all the runners, sponsors, and helpers!

Without you, our #lebenslauf-charity run would not have been possible! Together we can now set #lifesigns for Yemen and invest in rebuilding the country together with the local people!

With the money raised, we will be able to:

Provide 80 children with a place at school
Help 40 families to become self-sufficient through independent agriculture
Build a well in 8 villages and thus ensure access to drinking water.

Thank you for your commitment!

start lebenslauf oct 22



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