5.000€ for Hope kindergartens from the charity run

Berlin, 24th January 2022

An incredible €5,116.15 was donated by the Erika-Mann Elementary School in Berlin-Wedding to Hope Kindergartens in Jordan. The lovingly designed check was handed over to our staff member in Berlin, Stephan Krämer, by the principal Mrs. Habermann and the teacher Mrs. Weiß, who organizes the students’ parliament.

The money was raised by the 590 students during a sponsored run. The school’s student parliament had decided that half of the money raised should be used to support children in Vision Hope projects.

Vision Hope helps refugee children to cope with their often traumatic experiences and to prepare them for their time at school. The children ran a total of 5,492 laps. The total distance of 2,746 km corresponds to the distance between Germany and Jordan.

A big thank you to the students, teachers, and staff of the Erika-Mann Elementary School in Berlin for their wonderful commitment to children in Jordan.

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