Our new Children’s Sponsorship Program

Emmendingen, 11 August 2021

The children living in the orphanages in Hajjah and Al-Mahwit are among the most vulnerable and weakest in the crisis in Yemen. Their lives are marked by experiences of war, food shortages and poverty. But the children in the orphanages are also simply and first of all children: with dreams, hobbies, talents. Children who want to learn, children in the growth phase, children who have emotions.

I was lucky enough to grow up in rich Germany. I never had to worry about food and drink. Is that fair? I do not think so … The children in Yemen suffer under circumstances that they did not cause and that they cannot change.

That is why I’ve been involved in the development of the VHI Children’s Sponsorship Program since the beginning of this year.  The program starts exactly there: taking children seriously in their life situation, in their acute need, but also in their dreams, in who they are and want to become. Vision Hope has been involved in local projects in Hajjah and Al-Mahwit for some time. Through these projects, the living conditions of many children and their families have already been sustainably improved.

The sponsorship program builds on this – and goes one step further: What if each of these children had a sponsor who donated regularly – so that the child did not have to worry about food or water supplies, but could focus on learning, growing, playing, on “being a kid”? What if each of these children had a sponsor from whom they received letters. And can write letters. With whom they can build a bond? Even over a distance? What if each of these children had a sponsor who prayed for them or wished them good things?

I would like us to help these children together, with staff on the ground in Yemen and here from Germany.  Not because we are particularly good or charitable, but because these children have no more and no less a right to it than we do. It is my wish that in this way we can fight together against the crisis, against need and injustice in a very concrete way. I am convinced that the sponsorship program will help to do just that.

Join us in this great effort. With only 30 Euros you can provide a child with food and clean water for a whole month. You can find more information about the child sponsorship program here: Kinderpatenschaften.

If you would like to help children in Yemen grow up with hope and prospects, please contact us directly: sponsorachild@vision-hope.net

Hanna Schrodt, Volunteer in the VHI Main Office in Germany
Responsible for the Children’s Sponsorship Program

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