Where indifference ends, life begins!

Emmendingen, 2 December 2020

In the past months we have reported continuously through various channels about the situation with COVID 19 in Yemen. This is not just a pandemic that we all have to deal and come along with. In a country devastated and weakened by so many other crises adds to the hopeless and aggravated situation of millions of people in Yemen. A recent interview of a German pediatrician, who worked several months in Yemen, given to a German media shows the shocking extent of the suffering that yemeni people have to go through.

As Vision Hope we cannot stand indiferent in such situation. Our various projects in Yemen bring essential help to thousands of people every day. Without such help, the lives of many would be severely endangered.

One of our smaller projects provides Corona emergency help to disabled persons and their families. Such people are particularly at risk. Due to their physical disability or weakness and lack of transportation means they cannot just travel to the next health facility to receive help. That is why we are bringing help to these people. Our project provides hygiene sets and water filters currently to 80 families as a means of reducing the risk of infection with the COVID 19 virus.

We are thankful for the donations we have received so far that have made the help for 80 families possible. However, we would like to expand this help to more families. Therefore we need your financial support! You can read hier im PDF-Format abrufen. more information about this project or donate directly through our website.

Where indiference ends, life begins!

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