Yusra… a countryside woman that beat her loneliness by having a sheep!

Rozana Bassam Abou Alnour, Intern in VHI Regional Office in Jordan, March 10, 2022

Yusra, the widow, lives with her brother and his wife, along with his mother and his 10 children, in a simple country house in Al Theraa’ village within the Hajjah Governorate in Yemen. The poverty within this family couldn’t help her achieve or even move forward in life after the death of her husband, especially after she turned 35 years old without any children. Her infertility made her life bitter and lonely.

She felt that she was a heavy burden on her brother and his family because his brother is a journeyman, who cannot find a job easily and continuously, so he accepted working at very low wages to handle his family expenses.

At the beginning of 2021, Vision Hope with the cooperation of the Solidarity Social Foundation for Development (SSFD ) in Hajjah Governorate, started the implementation of the Food Security and Agriculture (FSA) project within its borders. One of its activities was to provide for the unfortunate families in need with sheep and goats with their food to supply an income for these families. Also, with this gesture, the agriculture supervisors helped in establishing a system to raise agricultural awareness, educate, and guide all the beneficiaries in the project.

Yusra heard about the project and didn’t hesitate to apply to this golden opportunity to help support herself and her brother. She received one goat and shortly the goat conceived and gave birth to two twin goats. The milk produced, from the two goats after growing up, where enough to feed the small children, which gave Yusra the motherhood feeling towards providing for the young ones in her brother’s family.

Her story has just started right after the goats grew up and started producing more milk and wool that provided an income for the family and with the increased number of goats, it became a trading business. This changed her life upside down and made Yusra feel a lot of love and accomplishments from her family, filling up the void she has felt for a long time, She said to her brother:

I dream, one day I will have a flock of Goats”.

Yusra Ali Al tallhi
Al Theraa’ village within the Hajjah Governorate in Yemen
FSA Project

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