The earthquake is more devastating than all those years of war

The earthquake is more devastating than all those years of war

Vision Hope supports the victims of the devastating earthquake in سوريا. Our partner organization Dorcas has been active in Syria for multiple years.

Dorcas employee Fadi lives in Aleppo and experienced the earthquake himself. According to him, the earthquake caused more suffering and misery than all those years of war. Despite this, he finds the strength to do his job and help others in need.

“I felt the shaking of our house and heard the stones slide. It was terrible, my family started screaming. I put my arms around my mother and sister and we waited to see what was going to happen. Suddenly my mother called my father’s name. He has difficulty walking and was still in his room. I ran to him and saw the fear in his eyes. I grabbed his hand and told him to lie still. This all happened in about forty seconds, but it felt like twenty minutes. 

When the earthquake was over we went to a shelter at a church nearby. I told my family to keep going until the situation is safe again. I immediately started collaborating with my colleagues. We looked at the situation and saw people everywhere, on the streets and in churches and mosques. Many of them were injured.

The reception locations are still completely full. People are being asked to leave their homes because there is a risk of collapse. It’s hard being at work knowing my family is struggling too. In between work I regularly check whether they are still safe.

It’s really horrible what we’re going through. We have witnessed blood and suffering over the past thirteen years, but Monday’s earthquake was more devastating than all those years of war. I will continue my work to help other people no matter how hard it is. Hopefully, I will get through this disaster okay.” 

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