Water for an entire village

How the inhabitants of Dhar Altaisi benefit from the construction of a cistern

The village of Dhar Altaisi is located in a mountainous dry and remote region in Yemen. The supply of water is difficult. There is no water source in the village and the villagers have to fetch the water from the valley. Yet the villagers need water not only for drinking, but also for irrigating their fields, for washing and cooking, and for their animals.

Without water, there is also no food. The lack of a water source is a major constraint on the lives and economies of the villagers. The children are often late for school because they have to fetch water together with the women beforehand. The water canisters are heavier than they can carry. And often the water is still not enough for their needs. For many people in Yemen, not having access to clean drinking water is a heavy additional burden on top of the difficulties caused by the conflict.

That’s why Vision Hope has worked with residents to build a cistern in Dhar Altaisi. Water is pumped up from the valley here into two cisterns: The village has its own water source for drinking water and one for agricultural irrigation. This has significantly improved the living conditions of the inhabitants!

The development of the country must ensure more than bare survival. The participation of the Yemeni society is a central aspect to create structural, sustainable improvement. Water is one of the most important resources in Yemen. By building wells, cisterns and irrigation systems, many people can be helped at the same time in villages like Dhar Altaisi.

Vision Hope International therefore places a special focus on water infrastructure. So that villages like Dhar Altaisi have their own water supply!

You too can set a #LifeSign, so that people like the inhabitants of Dhar Altaisi have direct access to clean water و
can live a life in dignity and independence!!

500 € would enable the construction of a water cistern for a small village.

I would like to donate for the construction of a water cistern!


You can support this project also through our project page on betterplace.org.



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