More then five years of war: The health structure is destroyed, mothers and new-born are lacking care.

13.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Currently Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and contributes to a greater total number of refugees worldwide than ever previously experienced. Since 2011, the conflict in Syria has shown no signs of slowing, and peace talks have failed. It has demolished hospitals, schools, homes and other necessary infrastructure. Incredible food insecurity and malnourishment have been, among other tragedies, been created. Vision Hope has decided to use its expertise to help the people in need in Syria.



Health of women and children.

Attacks on health facilities.

Lack of doctors and midwives.


Health Care

Violet Maternity Hospital

Mothers, their new-borns and children – these are our main focus while implementing a health care project in Ariha, Syria. The aim was to establish a hospital serving women, their new-borns and children in Ariha. It is a large town in the northwest of Syria that has been heavily affected by the war. Air raids and bombings sometimes happen monthly and have destroyed much of the infrastructure, including health facilities. Funded by the BMZ and with a volume of 450.000 Euro, Vision Hope started the work in Syria in April 2016 and will continue to operate the hospital together with the Syrian NGO VIOLET. With our hospital, we ensure sufficient maternal and child health for about 3.000 women as well as new-borns and additionally our youngest pediatric patients. We cover their needs – not only acute, but also preventive through vaccination campaigns. As sustainability is crucial, we strengthen the capacity of our partners, the Syrian health care sector and the health workers. More then 30 work places are created through the newly established clinic: medical and administrative staff is trained to serve the population in need. Also, we strive to support the local health sector through capacity building measures.

140 deliveries
40 cesarean deliveries
Over 800 women treated
More then 500 children supported

… per month!