Online Donation to Vision Hope

With your online donation, you reach the people directly in the project countries: Jordan, Syria, Tunisia or Yemen. No matter, if 10 Euro for hungry children in Yemen, 50 Euro for a spot in our kindergarten in Jordan or 100 Euro for youth in Tunisia: each contribution counts. Donate now and send hope to families and individuals in the Near and Middle East. Decide yourself, where your contribution will go – through a periodic donation you will make our support even more efficient and predictable.

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Transparency and trust are in the limelight.

No matter, if in the project work, with our employees or towards your, dear donor, transparency and trust are indispensable to us. Through an independent auditor, we ensure that your donation reaches and will contribute to precious projects.

Donations 2016

Yemen: 71%
Tunisia: 1.5%
Jordania: 6.7%
Syria: 16.9%
Headquarters Germany: 3.9%

We can guarantee: the donation is well-received.

Due to our low administrative costs, we guarantee you that the donation will reach the people directly in the respective countries. You can decide whether the contribution is used for a specific country, project or there where the needs is the greatest. Continuous donations help us and the people on-site to develop sustainable and long-term solutions. But we are also prepared to react immediately in case of a catastrophe and do not need to hesitate to provide relief.

Any questions left?
Do not hesitate to reach out to Waltraud Muessle in our headquarter:
Call +49 7641 9679354.

Donation Account

Vision Hope International e.V.
Postbank Karlsruhe
IBAN DE69660100750624520751


  • Our goal: empowerment. Support sustainable projects, which will make a difference to many families and individuals in the long-run.
  • Since 15 years, Vision Hope is active in an emergency as well as development aid and successfully establishing projects.
  • We offer support to the most vulnerable people despite political views, religious beliefs or ethical origin.
  • Our employees and partners are committed and dedicated: every day they give their best to reach a better future.
  • Are you hesitating? We are transparent: check our recent annual report and see, where the donations have been used in the last year.
  • Deduct your donation from taxes: we are happy to issue a contribution receipt for you.
  • Cancel your donation subscription at any time without hassle.

Thank you!

We are saying thank you on behalf of all the people, we were able to reach due to your support. Thank you on behalf of the women and children in our hospital in Ariha, who receive the needed medical assistance. Thanks to your support, we can deliver food, water as well as sustainable assistance in the severe crisis in Yemen. We would also like to say thank you in the name of the Syrian and Jordanian children, who spend a joyful time in our kindergartens in Manshia and Karak in Jordan. As well as for the school children, young women and mothers, who learn through meaningful afternoon programs how to deal with their trauma in our family centres. We are also grateful for the support to young people in Tunisia, who thanks to your donation receive a new, hopeful perspective for the future.