New Office Opening

We are pleased to announce that Vision Hope has opened an office in Berlin!

Berlin, September 2022

We are excited about this opportunity to have two (and soon three) colleagues working from Berlin Mitte. The location in the German capital is ideal for interaction with various stakeholders, including Ministries, Parliamentarians, and other NGOs. But first of all, the office will be a base to aggrandize our mission and vision, a place for empowered people to transform the world, for our team to support our projects in the Middle East and for volunteers to become part of it.

Watch out for more information about our Hope Ambassadors program (coming soon) – and save the date for October 20th, when we will have an official opening in the evening.


Vision Hope International e.V.
Oudenarder Str. 4
13347 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 286 289 00

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