From Despair to Hope: Ghazal’s Journey to Recovery

Nour Hammad, The Regional Office in Amman, Jordan
January 31, 2024

In the remote corners of Yemen resides Ghazal (alias name), a four-year-old girl grappling with the harsh realities of extreme poverty. Her once vibrant and active demeanor succumbed to malnutrition, casting a shadow on her health and vitality.

Her family sought help from the Bani Qatrat Health Unit in Al-Mahweet Governorate, part of the Nutrition project implemented by Vision Hope International e.V. in collaboration with the World Food Program.

Upon arriving at the health unit, Ghazal underwent a thorough medical examination that revealed an acute shortage of weight and energy. The initial detection tape, known as the mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC), showed alarming figures, measuring 12 cm on the child’s arm. This prompted immediate action, and a tailored treatment plan was initiated. Thirty envelopes of DOZ bags, rich in vital vitamins and minerals, were dispensed to supplement her diet. Ghazal received continuous medical care, including regular examinations and meticulous follow-up visits every 15 days.

Beyond medical interventions, Ghazal’s recovery was significantly bolstered by psychological and emotional support. The unwavering love from her family, coupled with outings for parties, the purchase of dolls and games by her father, and scenic trips to the village’s agricultural landscape, played a pivotal role in her healing. The project team and the local community further contributed to fostering hope in Ghazal’s heart, providing the necessary support to enhance her health and restore her strength.

As time unfolded, Ghazal exhibited remarkable progress. Her weight increased, her skin regained vitality, and she rekindled her active and vibrant spirit, interacting more positively with the world around her.

Her recovery journey, marked by continuous care and nutrition, culminated in her transformation into a happy and healthy child. She could reclaim a normal, active lifestyle, a testament to the collective efforts that turned despair into hope for Ghazal and her family. Her father expressed gratitude, saying:

“I was tormented seeing my daughter’s condition worsen day by day, but thanks to God and the organization, I feel like my soul has returned to me.”

Ghazal’s medical report

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