Improving Learning Environments: Empowering Students Through Accessible Education

Nour Hammad, The Regional Office in Amman, Jordan
March 25, 2024

Located in Daar Saad, Aden, Yemen, Masabeen School serves as a refuge for over 1100 girls and boys, originating from both internally displaced persons (IDP) and host communities. Guided by a team of 45 dedicated teachers and diligent school management, the institution comprises multiple buildings, including two structures housing five classrooms each for primary school students of both genders and secondary school girls.

Unfortunately, while the main building benefits from a solar system, these two buildings lack essential amenities crucial for an optimal learning environment. The absence of adequate lighting and ventilation, coupled with frequent power outages and the oppressive heat of Aden Governorate, presents significant challenges for the students. Also, despite having 12 toilets, drainage problems mean they can’t be used, leaving students without essential facilities. 

Seeing these ongoing issues, the Vision Hope team, as part of the Improving Livelihoods and Strengthening Resilience for the Vulnerable Population Project (LDCP), funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), collaborated with esteemed partner Building Foundation for Development (BFD) to address these challenges, teamed up with Building Foundation for Development. Together, they fixed the toilets and made improvements to the electrical system, painted, fixed sidewalks, doors, and windows, and spruced up the area where students take breaks.

The impact of this work was clear when the new school term started. Students in primary and secondary classes felt the difference. Brighter, better-lit classrooms and improved airflow made them more comfortable. Fixed drainage meant they could use the toilets. 

But the struggle to improve education in Yemen goes on. Many students still don’t have good places to learn, especially with the ongoing conflict. Vision Hope is committed to helping these students, knowing that education can change their lives for the better. 

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