Give children new hope

Emmendingen, 13th December 2021

In difficult times like these, we don’t just want to be moved, we want to move! For this, we need your support!

In Yemen, more than 20.7 million people need humanitarian aid. Due to armed conflicts and war, the situation is precarious. Children, in particular, are suffering: 7 million of them have too little to eat, 1.8 million are severely malnourished. We support children in children’s homes – currently about 130 Yemeni boys. Recently, it has become possible to sponsor one of these children through our Children Sponsorship Program.

In Jordan, access to drinking water is limited. By taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, most of them minors, the country is overburdened – the health and education system is on the verge of collapse.

To improve the situation of the children, we are active through the Hope Kindergartens. Children attending these Kindergartens have access to a wide range of educational opportunities that continue beyond kindergarten age into their school years.

Despite generous donations this year, many of our expenses are still not covered. We still need about €80,000 to continue helping. Support our campaign with a donation and give children in Yemen and Jordan new hope!

Each of these children counts.

Each one of you counts.

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