School places as a chance

Amal* can go back to school

Amal is 9 years old. She lives with her mother and 3 siblings with her uncle. Her father died in the war. Because of the war (Amal cannot remember a life without war) many schools were destroyed. Also the one in Amal’s village. But she would love to go to school! She would like to learn to be able to work later as a nurse or doctor and help people in need.

By building a school where Amal can go to, Vision Hope, together with local partners, has set an important sign against hopelessness! Amal can now learn with her friends all the important things she needs to fulfill her dream of working in the hospital later on.

A good education is very important to break out of the cycle of poverty and lack of opportunities. Especially as a girl! Without education, children cannot learn a profession that will allow them to be independent and provide for themselves and their families. In Yemen there are many children like Amal. They have no possibility to visit a school and thus have hardly any future chances. No education means poverty, hunger and dependence. For Amal, a place at school does not mean tedious homework, but the chance of a lifetime. Many schools in Yemen are destroyed, dilapidated and in some areas there has never been a school.

Vision Hope International therefore puts a special focus on the reconstruction of schools. In the next 3 years, VHI plans to rebuild several schools in Yemen. So that children like Amal can go back to school!

You too can set a #LifeSign, so that children like Amal can break out of the cycle of poverty and inequality of opportunity by
supporting the construction of schools!

50 € enables a school place for a child in Yemen.

I would like to donate to rebuild a school!

* Name changed.

You can also support our project through our project page on

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