Elham… While you pursue life, there are opportunities await

Amman, Jordan
December 5th, 2023

“Before the Compost Production training, I was immersed in the daily routine of the household chores!” 

Elham introduces herself with the following words: “I am a woman of this community who loves to work and takes care of her house, every day I do all household chores. I browse social media platforms; to find a job or an opportunity for training to develop new skills. My biggest goal is to support my family, especially after the coronavirus pandemic.”  

One day, she found an announcement post on the Branch Of Mercy* Facebook page for compost production in Karak, Jordan. When the first training sessions for compost production were held, Elham noticed her passion for agriculture and plants. Through this training, she learned different ways of making compost. 

Elham obtained her graduation certificate by completing the training requirements! Elham said: “The training finished today, but of course, it’s not the ending for me, here I will start the real training”.  

  After completing the training, Elham and her female comrades started to help other women and neighbors to produce compost in the neighborhood and BOM. Eventually, she received a call from a project manager, telling her that she had been selected to be an instructor for the second cycle of this project.   

With this opportunity, Elham is able to support her family after the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Elham is very grateful and concludes:

“I was an intern, and I became an instructor, I am proud of myself and I hope to give back more and more.” 

*VHI local partner in Karak, Jordan

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