Hope through education: How Vision Hope is changing educational infrastructure in rural Yemen

Youssef Sobhy, Communications and Digital Media Intern 
November 28th, 2023 

Mr. Muhammad, a resident of Bani Muhannad village in Hajjah Governorate, Yemen, is a 45-year-old father of four. He also serves as the director of Al-Salam School, situated in the same village. 

Muhammad, along with his community, faced significant challenges. The education infrastructure was severely lacking, with insufficient classrooms, teachers, and outdated facilities, including unusable bathrooms. Many students were forced to learn under trees or in dilapidated structures, compromising the quality of education. 

Moreover, the students had to travel long distances, approximately two hours on foot, to reach the district center for education, exposing them to various dangers and hardships. 

However, Vision Hope International e.V. (VHI), in collaboration with the Building Foundation for Development (BFD) and the Solidarity Social Foundations for Development (SSFD) under the Livelihood, Development, Cooperation and Peace (LDCP) project, intervened to transform the education landscape in Bani Muhannad village. This intervention involved constructing two new classrooms and refurbishing the existing school, significantly benefitting around 330 students and alleviating the persistent deficiency in intermediate-grade education. 

Muhammad emphasized the tremendous positive impact of this initiative. The enhanced infrastructure now comfortably accommodates all primary and intermediate-grade students from Bani Muhannad and neighbouring villages. The improved environment facilitates better interaction with educational materials, enhancing students’ understanding and performance. With the recent improvements, the school is anticipated to welcome over 500 students in the coming year. 

The creation of new classrooms and restroom facilities, alongside the renovation of the old school, has successfully resolved the need for students to travel long distances for education. It ensures consistent attendance, offering a brighter future for the region’s education and the subsequent generations. 

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