Resilience and Livelihoods Project Takes Root in Hajjah and Raymah!

Fatima Albeedh, The Country Office in Sanaa, Yemen 
February 4th, 2024

Empowering communities, bolstering resilience, and fostering hope – that’s the mission behind the Resilience and Livelihoods project funded by The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and In partnership with The World Food Programme (WFP), officially kicking off in Yemen’s Hajjah and Raymah governorates. This critical initiative addresses the challenges faced by vulnerable communities head-on amidst a prolonged conflict.

Why is this project crucial?

Imagine enduring a conflict for nearly a decade. Envision over 80% of your community struggling to access basic necessities such as food, water, and healthcare. That’s the harsh reality in Hajjah and Raymah, where infrastructure crumbles, food security dwindles, and communities yearn for stability.

Resilience and Livelihoods swoops in, determined to make a difference, HOW?

Enhancing Resilience and Self-Sufficiency of the Most Vulnerable Households through the Food For Assets/Food For Traiing FFA/FFT Program and enhanced skills and technical knowledge in 5 Rural Districts in 2 Governorates:

  1. Promoting self-reliance, resilience, and local asset development by protecting, restoring, rehabilitating, and reclaiming social and economic infrastructure assets to empower communities.
  2. Enhancing environmental and physical resilience in disaster-affected communities and fostering economic development by restoring, rehabilitating, and reclaiming private assets, safeguarding communities from the risks of floods and disasters.
  3. Enhancing community cohesion through a participatory approach in making decisions related to the assets that will be created.
  4. Facilitating the creation of employment opportunities and supporting individuals in developing income-generating activities to enhance resilience. This will be achieved by providing skills training and technical knowledge, and utilizing cash transfers to promote economic empowerment.

Stay tuned for the journey!

We’ll be sharing the project’s progress and impact through various channels. Follow us to witness the transformation as hope takes root and communities in Yemen blossom a new!

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